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Hollywood Hairdresser Returns to Her Roots

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SOUTHERN PINES — Southern Pines is beginning to look a little more like Hollywood since a hair designer for some of the biggest film and television stars settled down in the Moore County town.

Pamela Priestly left Hollywood glamour and found her true passion in her roots.

Priestly says, "I have family here that I missed a lot while I was on the road all the time."

So she returned to spend more time with her grandchildren, including one on the way.

Ever since, she has been answering questions.

"People ask me all the time 'What was your favorite project?' And I have to say, honestly, my favorite job was probably "The Shawshank Redemption," with Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins," she says, pointing to pictures of both actors.

The pictures line the walls of her Salon Chameleon. She says the salon's philosophy is to create hairstyles for individuals, "much the way artists create a painting."

"I'm having great fun applying what I've learned to the real people here in Southern Pines," she says.

Her clients appreciate it. "You can tell she knows what she's doing," one client says.

Priestly says she has met many wonderful people in her life, including those in the entertainment industry.

"They are real people doing a very difficult job," she says.
  • "Sally Field is not only an incredible actor but an incredible personality as well."
  • "Then there was "Die Hard 3" where I met Bruce Willis.""Wherever that camera is, so is the hairdresser. And I was right there behind camera every shot for every take and every movie, so I got to do some pretty incredible things," she says.
  • Priestly says once upon a time she followed her heart to Hollywood and in the end, she followed it back home.

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