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Four Students Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Actions On School Bus

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BENSON — A Benson judge says four South Johnston High School students are guilty of disorderly conduct.

The teenagers were ordered off their school bus last October when a fight between students led bus driver Linda Massengill to the Benson Police Department for help.

Latisha Williams got the harshest penalty. She received 250 hours of community service and three years supervised probation. The driver says the ruling should send a message.

"You've got to abide by the rules of the bus. It's not like a go-cart going down the street," Massengill says. "You have rules and you have to abide by them, but they basically are good kids. You just have to find it, and I still love them."

Three other students received lesser penalties of 24 hours community service. All four defendants have appealed.