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Snow Shoveling Costs Pile Up For Wake County Schools

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WAKE FOREST — Digging out of the snow cost schools time in class. It also cost schools in northern Wake County a lot of money.

The record snow that covered school parking lots is gone, but not forgotten in Wake Forest. Wake Forest Elementary cost $4,050, double the average price paid by mostWake Countyschools.

"I know that there were some people in the community who think if we could have gotten it cheaper," said Craig Matthews, Principal of Wake Forest Elementary. "I think we could have, but we didn't have the time to do that."

Contractor Allen Daniel said Wake Forest Elementary posed a greater challenge because there were a number of parking areas that were tough to plow.

"If you walk the walkways, mazes and the brickwalks that you don't want destroyed, but yet, you want the snow removed, I think you would find that a little more difficult," Daniel said.

Wake County paid Daniel more for five schools than Franklin County paid to have 12 schools done. In spite of accusations of being "snowed," Daniel says he has the backing of school officials.

"Off the record, one of them said, 'You just have to stop apologizing for what you did. You did a great job,'" Daniel said. "Unfortunately, some of these people are not in the position to speak up and back me up as much as they would like to."

The estimate for snow removal in Wake County could reach up to $250,000. The county is investigating to see if FEMA can help pick up some of the costs.


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