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Miami-Based Company Brings Pothole Solutions To Triangle

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RALEIGH — Local street maintenance crews are buried in work, trying to patch up all the potholes left behind by melting ice and snow. A Miami-based company says it has the solution for overwhelmed pothole crews.

It is called EZ street, a cold asphalt patch that comes in a bag. EZ Street is designed so someone can just open the bag and let the asphalt out.

TheRaleigh Street Departmentallowed the company to fill a pothole in the Wildwood Green Subdivision to test the product.

A company representative was able to patch things up in minutes without changing into work clothes. The company claims the patch lasts for the life of the asphalt around it.

Paul Hitchcock, who lives in the neighborhood, says he is not skeptical about someone coming to fix the potholes.

"I think it's worth giving it a go and trying it," Hitchcock says.

It all looks easy, but local street engineers say it looks expensive.

Mac Jones, Raleigh Street Superintendent, says standard plant mix asphalt costs $340 less per ton than EZ Street. However, Jones says if it works as a permanent patch, like the company promises, EZ Street could be cost-effective.

For now, the city is testing the new product side by side with traditional asphalt. The Raleigh Street Department says it bought 14 tons of EZ Street for test purposes. The company says Cary has also ordered 14 tons.

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