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Will Art Gallery's Dog Find It 'Ruff' Without a Roof to Roam?

Posted May 7, 2007 8:40 p.m. EDT
Updated May 8, 2007 1:26 p.m. EDT

— The Bickett Gallery in Raleigh’s Five Points neighborhood closes May 20, which means that a pooch named Trixie who regularly patrols the roof has only a couple more weeks to look down on humans.

Trixie’s enjoyed the view from on-high for years, compliments of gallery owner Molly Miller. She says change is inevitable, though, even for the happy-go-lucky Trixie.

“She's the free spirit,” Miller says. “You know, there's nothing above except for the sky.”

The sky is the limit for Trixie, but that's the point. Even the sky has a limit. Every roof has a ceiling, and every budget has a breaking point.

Bickett Gallery is closing because the overhead was just too high.

“It didn't flourish the way I needed it to,” Miller said.

“Change is inevitable, and I think that's the one constant,” Miller said. She now is the curator of Bickett Gallery at Hudson on Fayetteville Street.

“Yeah, it's a big change,” Miller said. Trixie, Miller said, is “really gonna miss the other space.”

“You do have to adapt, 'cause things don't stay the same,” Miller said.

Before being forced to spend all her time at low altitude, however, Trixie had another change, and it seems to be a good one.

Miller has introduced a second dog, named Charlie.

“They like each other a lot,” Miller said.

“You know, there's a proverb that says anything is possible, and I do think anything is possible,” Miller said. “But you have to move on,” so she and Trixie and Charlie will.