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Fayetteville Man Confesses To Killing Mother In 911 Call

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A 25-year-old man, who authorities say confessed to a 911 operator that he killed his mother, said he needed drugs and spent the time between her death and the 911 call stealing from the house in which her body was found early Sunday morning.

Authorities said Robert Zoltan-Kollat Adolph repeatedly struck his mother, Deborah Kollat Adolph, in the head with an unknown object and then strangled her. Adolph, who lived with his mother at

5529 Hedrick Drive in Fayetteville

, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

In the call, made early Sunday morning, someone saying he was Adolph told the operator that he "bludgeoned" the victim to death and "choked her."

"Basically, I was desperate for crack and, uh, I killed her and proceeded to rob the house throughout the week," the caller told the dispatcher.

Authorities said Adolph also told the dispatcher that he kept his mother's body inside the house for several days, and then put her outside on the back patio. He did not say why he did so, or for how long the body was outside.

Although investigators are not sure exactly what day Deborah Adolph was killed, her son told the dispatcher that she died last Sunday. A neighbor, however, said she saw the victim alive a few days later.

Investigators are waiting for autopsy results to determine the exact date of death.


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