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Local Supermarket Offers Self-Service Checkout

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RALEIGH — First came the drive-through window, not far behind was self-serve gasoline. Today you can be your own cashier at the grocery store. At Harris Teeter in Cameron Village, shoppers find the true meaning of one-stop shopping. It is easy, fun and fast.

"They don't have to wait in line, and they don't have to wait for a cashier. They can do it themselves, and they're out the door," says Harris Teeter's Joyce Earl.

With U-Scan Express, you are your own cashier.

The process is simple. Customer Shelley Miller tried it for the first time. She began by scanning her items. When she finished, she selected her method of payment.

There is always help close by. Earl keeps a close eye on what each customer is doing and is ready to help if there is a problem.

"The cashier can see. There's a camera over there. They can see what's on here, they can see it's a salad," says Earl.

U-Scan Express is the new way to express grocery shop, and it is catching on fast.

"It was faster for me because you can come right up scan your stuff and you stick your money in, get your change," says Miller.

There is even a constantly running "how to" video tape near the register.

"I think once they get used to it, and start using it, they'll be much happier with it," says Earl.

One customer was worried this would take the place of someone's job, so we asked.

"We have not reduced the staff of the store whatsoever. It's mainly just to speed up the traffic in the store," says manager Scott Riley.

And since you never wait in line, it seems to work.

You will not see self-scanning checkouts in your neighborhood grocery. They are only in stores with high traffic, like the one in Cameron Village.

The scanners have built-in security to prevent shoplifting.

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