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Local Inventor's Capital Idea Takes Swing at Golf

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CARY — "If you watch a game, it is fun. If you play it, it is recreation. If you work at it, it is golf." At least that is what Bob Hope says about the sport.

People spend hours and lots of money trying to get better at playing golf. But a Cary man says all you need is his Capital Idea and you will be swinging like a pro.

"Basically, what it does, it actually gives you the correct swing," says Joe Thomas of his invention called "Swing Saver."

"It basically teaches you the fundamentals of the swing. It enables you to square the club face up and there avoiding slicing," he says.

And slicing is one of the biggest problems golfers face, including Thomas.

"I'm a horrendous golfer," he admits. "I'm what they call a hacker."

Thomas says the idea for the Swing Saver came from out of the blue.

"The funny thing is, I was watching the Golf Channel one day and just happened to envision it," he says.

That was six years ago. It was not until a New Year's resolution last year that Thomas' Capital Idea became a reality.

Here's how it works: One end of the rubber tubing on the Swing Saver clips to your club, the other end wraps around your wrists.

The Swing Saver creates tension that forces you to keep the club in the correct position.

"When you bring it back, it brings you on the correct plane. It does not take you too far inside or too far outside and even if it does, one thing I feel like it does is, as you follow through, it gets you right in the correct pivot point you want to be at impact," explains Thomas.

You do not play with it on. Just practice. Then remove the Swing Saver and hope you remember the feel of a proper swing.

Kevin McClave is an assistant pro who says he has seen results using the gadget.

"I hit a couple balls beforehand and then after I strapped it on," says McClave. "I noticed I was hitting a little more consistent and a little more solid with it too."

Joe Thomas does not strive to swing like a pro, but he would like to live every duffer's dream.

"Like everybody looking for that million-dollar idea out there, to see if it works. This one I've had for awhile and just finally put it together," says Thomas.

The Swing Saver is made out of the same rubber tubing as exercise tubes. Because it is flexible, it can be used on any club and adjust to any person.

The Swing Saver costs $29.95 and can be purchased online.


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