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Tax Refunds Could Be Down Payment On New Merchandise

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RALEIGH — Is that tax refund money burning a hole in your pocket even before you get it?

Several businesses hope so and they have the incentive to get you in the door to spend -- a faster refund -- and in some cases they will do your taxes for you.

Need a car? Expecting a tax refund? Need some help getting it? Family Auto Center has the deal for you.

"With filing their taxes here it makes it a one-stop car-buying experience so you don't have to file your taxes here, wait for so many days, before you get your money then go shopping for a car," says Brandon Winder.

You just bring in the necessary paper work, the W-2, the 1040EZ form and identification and the dealership handles the rest.

"Our program is set up to help people rebuild their credit through a car loan so that down the road you can do more with your credit."

Need to furnish the house? Does the mattress need to be replaced? You can work a similar deal at Nationwide Warehouse.

"Basically it's the simplest thing," says Jason Redmond. "We want customers to come in here -- you can go on a car lot with W-2's and buy a car, we feel like why can't you buy furniture with a W-2."

The only difference is that you have to fill out your own tax form and the corporate office files it electronically.

In both cases, the tax refund is only a down payment for the merchandise.