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Princeville Church Gets Special Gift

Posted February 5, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— A passerby listening to joyful Sunday voices could have no idea of what the congregation has suffered through.

Flooding destroyed St. Luke's Church of Christ in Princeville, and members now worship in a borrowed sanctuary in Tarboro.

"We didn't want it," said Rev. James Brown, "but look what's come out of those floodwaters."

Members of St. Luke's are joined by new friends during this Sunday's service. They are members of a Tennessee congregation that wants to help the flood victims recover.

"So at this time, we present to Rev. Brown $100,000 to start the rebuilding."

With that, Mary Jarvis presented a $100,000 check to St. Luke's. The check is from an anonymous donor in Tennessee. It will help St. Luke's begin the long process of rebuilding.

"It's something you think would never happen but then you pray and ask God to touch people's hearts and it's like a manifestation," said church member Phyllis Waller. "Your prayers have been answered."

Members of both congregations say everyone benefits from the newfound friendship.

"They are so spiritual and so willing to start all over again," Jarvis said. "It just does our soul good to see somebody with that much moxie."

Members of st. Luke's hope to start rebuilding over the next two months, and move back into their church in September, one year after floodwaters forced them out.