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Harnett County Authorities Arrest Suspects In Burglary Ring

Posted February 2, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Authorities say they have put an end to a bizarre burglary ring that could be to blame for more than 40 home break-ins.

Investigators say the five Fayetteville burglars targeted new homeowners before they moved in. They have been stealing appliances and anything else they could get their hands on for the past two years.

Eva McCoy says they came into her home through the garage door.

"They had broke it in and broke the outer frame to come in the house," McCoy said. "I don't know of any damage. There was no carpet or any appliances in the house as of yet so when they came in, they were out of luck."

Investigators say they caught the suspects red-handed.

"We had a tip that there was a break-in in progress and we responded out there and managed to stop a vehicle which the suspects were in," said Capt. Jerry Lamm of the Harnett County Sheriff Department.

"When we looked at the house, it was here so we bought the house," Wigton said. "I wouldn't think twice about it between the time we put the bid in and actually moved in." Authorities say there are steps people can take to keep this type of incident from happening.

"Try to keep somebody to keep an eye out for the property," Lamm said. "Some of the contractors do not put any appliances in the homes now until the people are ready to move in. They put them in just a day or two before in order to try and protect themselves."