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Residents Get Heated Over Lack Of Propane

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RALEIGH — While many people are finally digging out of the winter snow, others are worried about running out of propane. They claim some companies have left them in the cold.

Three days without propane left Raleigh resident Linda Moore angry. She feels let down by her oil company of ten years.

"It was difficult to get somebody on the phone, if at all," Moore said. "Even when we talked to somebody, we would get no indication as to when, if ever, they plan to deliver gas to us. They definitely left us out in the cold."

Mike Hendren, president of McCracken Oil and Propane, says the usual 34 trucks on the road have been reduced to 12 because of the road conditions. Hendren admits his company did not handle the overwhelming amount of calls well.

"It's not ignoring the customer," Hendren said. "The resources are not there to fully respond in a way that I wish we could. I'm quite frankly embarrassed that our level of customer service has been what it is."

Hendren says he and his staff are working to get caught up on the backlog of service calls, not just filling them, but returning calls as well.

Hendren also says safety is an issue. He says the last thing he wants to happen is for one of the 3,000 gallon propane trucks to overturn in a neighborhood.