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Estranged Wife of Kidnapping Suspect Says She's Worried for 9-Year-Old C.J.

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WAKE FOREST — While family and friends of 9-year-old C. J. Wilkerson are wondering and waitng for information, another woman says her own son once disappeared with the suspected kidnapper.

Wake Forest police arrested and charged 26-year-old Derrick Glover on charges of second-degree kidnapping on Tuesday, but so far, Glover has not cooperated with investigators.

And that worries this woman who know Glover so well.

"I'm afraid for the child because we don't know where he is," says Valencia Glover, Derrick Glover's estranged wife from a previous marriage. "He may be in a bad living condition, he may be alone, or it may even be possible that he may not be alive."

On Saturday, Valencia Glover begged Derrick Glover would tell police whatever he may know.

"Derrick, right now, I am just pleading with you to please just tell the cops -- tell anyone -- where C. J. is."

Separated for more than a year, Valencia Glover says that during a tough time during their marriage, Derrick Glover disappeared with their own son, Damian, who is now four years old.

Two days later, she says Glover returned with Damian, but now Wake Forest police say Glover has kidnapped C. J., who has been missing for 11 days.

"A lot of people don't know what it is like when you are not with your child," says Tracey Gill, C.J.'s mother. "It's hard. It's real hard."

Gill says it has been the kindness of friends that has sustained her like C.J.'s mentor, Steve Harper. They met through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. He has a message for C.J. that he hopes will help the boy find his way home.

"Call your mother or call 911," Harper said. "That's really important. She needs to hear from you."

Gill holds onto hope and reminders of her son: a stack of hand-made cards of well wishes from his Rolesville Elementary School teachers and classmates and his report card with all passing grades.

Gill describes her 9-year-old son as someone who can brighten up anybody's day. She says she is holding on to her motherly instincts that tell her that her son is safe and warm and will be home soon.

"He's coming home," Gill said. "He's coming home safe."

Derrick Glover was released from the hospital today, where he was being treated for pneumonia, and is now at the Wake County Jail.

Investigators say they need the public's help. If you have any information about this case, please call Wake Forest police at(919) 554-6150.

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