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City Engineers Prepare To Widen Lead Mine Road

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RALEIGH — Engineers say they have the answer to traffic bottlenecks near Crabtree Valley Mall. A $2.7 million widening project will soon begin on Lead Mine Road.

Commuters say it is about time the two-lane road was expanded, but residents like Mary Bourgeois do not like the expansion plans.

"Our city fathers, bless them, are going to do as they please," Bourgeois said. "We don't count!"

The neighbors fought hard to try and keep their yards. The engineers say the traffic counts are too high, so the bulldozers will soon move in.

Bourgeois says you cannot win when you try to fight City Hall.

"Well, I think the neighbors and the people who are interested in this road have tried, and they got no place," Bourgeois said.

The project will include work on both Lead Mine Road and Town and County Road. One house between the two streets will have to face the upcoming project. The house is currently for sale.

The work on Lead Mine Road is set to begin in March. The widening runs from North Hills Drive to Millbrook Road and should be finished by May 2001.

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