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Suspected Kidnapper Arrested; Wake Forest Boy Still Missing

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WAKE FOREST — A Wake Forest mother and father are waiting for news of their missing son. Police say they arrested Derrick Glover, but he did not have the child with him.

C.J. Wilkerson, 9, has been missing for eight days.

"I still have a lot of hope, says mother Tracey Gill. "I'm never giving up on my son."

"My daughter calls my job and told me that C.J. didn't get off the bus and that the school called and said he hadn't been to school all day," says mother Tracey Gill. -->

Gill came home and found all of C.J.'s Christmas presents stolen. She believes Glover kidnapped her son.

"I came to find out he had made keys to my car, keys to my house, and came back and took stuff out of my house and took my car and took my son," she says.

Gill married Glover three months ago, but recently found out he is married to someone else.

"I told him that I didn't think it was going to work out with him being married to two people, and I thought it was best that he just left," Gill says.

Gill and C.J.'s father, Clarence Wilkerson, think that is the reason Glover took C.J.

"I knew after the first night that C.J. couldn't call his mom and his sister that he was gonna start getting afraid," Wilkerson said.

Gill had heard nothing from Glover until Tuesday night when he called her from an Exxon station on Glenwood Avenue. Police tried unsuccessfully to apprehend him.

Glover was found Wednesday in Durham. He was in a car taken from Gill's home and was so ill that he was hospitalized with pneumonia.

C.J. was not found, and Glover is not cooperating with police. Investigators say they need the public's help.

"We would hope anybody in the public who has seen anything or remotely think they've seen anything give us a call," Sgt. G.W. Frazier of the Wake Forest Police Department.

Glover, 26, faces kidnapping and other charges. For six days, they waited. Then suddenly, Glover called.

"When I talked to him last night he said, he told me, 'You just don't know how badly you hurt me,'" she says.

Glover called Gill Tuesday night from an Exxon station on Glenwood Avenue.

"Miss Gill had the presence of mind to make contact with the Wake Forest police department," says Sgt. Glenn Frazier.

"The police arrived," Gill remembers. "They told me to keep him on the phone."

It was the break police needed, but C.J. is still missing. -->

"Everybody makes mistakes," Wilkerson said. "This is a tragic one, but everybody makes mistakes, and I'm not mad with him. The only thing we want is just C.J."

If you have any information about this case, please call Wake Forest police at(919) 554-6150.