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Between Storms, People Enjoy the Flakes

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FAYETTEVILLE — As people gear up for round two of winter weather, there was some fun to be had.

For the Haywood family of Fayetteville, it was time to welcome a temporary visitor -- Frosty the Snowman appeared in their front yard. Dad and the kids got in on the project, rolling mammoth snowballs and then hunting down a hat, some charcoal (for eyes, of course) and raiding the refrigerator for a carrot.

Josh Haywood said more snow would be fine -- he would like to stay out of school longer.

Josh will probably get his wish. A lot more snow is due to fall on Frosty overnight.

In the gap between storms, Helga Baer and a friend got out for a brisk walk through their neighborhood.

Baer said she had been indoors long enough and was ready to have some exercise -- she had read all her magazines. Baer also doesn't want more snow.

"Certainly not more ice," she said.

With more snow coming, transportation crews are loading trucks with more sand or salt to spread on roadbeds. The good news is that a significant amount put down for Tuesday's bad weather will stick around to help motorists Thursday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, temperatures will be in the 40s and much of the snow will be disappearing down storm drains and sinking into lawns and flower beds.

Ah, but there are more winter tricks coming. Not more snow in the immediate future, but by Saturday morning we may be shivering in the Triangle with temperatures of 15 or less.

With temperatures that low, be sure to protect animals -- including those that normally stay outdoors. You might need to bring dogs into a garage or basement. Make sure water dishes are not frozen solid.

Housepets need to wear their coats or sweaters when they go outdoors for walks.

And if you are a bird fancier, lay in a bag of bird seed and toss it out on the frozen ground. And replace the water in birdbaths so the birds can drink instead of ice skate.


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