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DOT Dilemma: Too Many Roads, Not Enough Crews

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RALEIGH — While many people opted to stay at home Tuesday, some people did venture onto the highways, and they found a good deal of snow on some of the major highways.

The state Department of Transportation says that's par for the course in an area that rarely gets this kind of weather.

Drivers say DOT crews made it easier to use the primary roads. Somewhat.

"They could do a little bit better job," one driver said.

DOT crews hit the road early Tuesday morning as snow moved into the area, spreading sand and salt. That makes the snow easier to push off the surface once it stops.

"We might be out here all night long, but we're gonna get it off!" said plow driver Al Stancil.

Still, Stancil feels outgunned.

"We could be doing better, I believe. We need some more trucks," he said.

WRAL showed DOT road maintenance engineer Jerry Linder how some of the main arteries looked this morning.

"I thought we did a good job," Linder said.

Linder says he'd like to have all the roads and bridges clear, but...

"There's only so much money and stuff you can do with what you've got," he said.


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