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Wake Community Refuses to be Leveled by Possible Sewage Plant

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GREEN LEVEL — Thetown of Caryis thinking about building its new wastewater treatment plant in Green Level, but some residents of the Wake County community say the plan could level their community.

Cary is considering a site just outside ofApexfor its new sewage treatment plant. To put the plant there, they would have to knock down at least half a dozen houses, including Thomas Marcom's.

"It's beyond words. It hasn't sunk in yet. I'll be totally lost," Marcom says.

The land has been in Marcom's family for more than 200 years.

A historic cemetery, dating back to the Revolutionary War, would also have to go.

Tracy Powell lives a few hundred yards from the site. "Our property values will definitely plummet, probably over 50 percent," she says.

Cary officials say they are still in the preliminary stages of planning for the treatment plant, and they are offering to meet with Green Level residents.

"We'll listen to them," says town council member Jess Ward. "And to the extent we're able to work with other municipal agencies to site it in a place that's more appropriate, we're more than willing to do that."

They may have to. "We're gonna fight, we're not gonna quit. We're gonna make the town of Cary see they can't inflict their government on us," Powell says.

Cary Mayor Glen Lang says the Green Level location is just one of many the town might consider. He says it is too early in the process to name a site.

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