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Fishing For a Keeper

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FALLS LAKE — Some say the Triangle is a fisherman's paradise, but for beginning anglers, a day on one of the many lakes in the area could be a lesson in frustration.

Cassie Hughes, 12, is about to learn how to fish from the best, and it is not her Dad.

"This will be her second time I've ever actually taken her. She's just now starting to get into that, 'Can I go fishing, can I go fishing?'" said father David Hughes.

Hughes knows enough about fishing to publish a magazine, "North Carolina Sportsman." He also knew enough to call on one of the fishing guides advertised on the back pages.

He booked "Hawg Hunter" himself, Kennon Brown.

"It's the most relaxing sport I can think of. You get on the water, and you don't think of anything else," said Brown.

Most days, Brown has gone fishing whether he has a customer or not.

"It's probably the last thing that God put on this earth that's free, that you can really enjoy. This water is absolutely beautiful," said Brown.

Falls Lake is full of trophy-sized bass, mainly because true sportsmen put their trophies back in the water.

A good picture is what most folks take home and maybe a few crappie or a catfish for dinner. Cassie already has what she came for today.

"Going with my dad," said Cassie.

"When we came off the ramp, he knew exactly where we should come this morning. He knew exactly what we should be using," said Hughes.

"We were out here 15 minutes. My daughter's been fishing for the second time in her life, and she got a fish. It's just professional knowledge," explained Hughes.

On that next fishing trip, Hughes and his daughter may see a familiar face.

"You just feel like you're in another world when you're out here on the water," said Brown.

Depending on who you hire, a half-day with a fishing guide could cost you anywhere from $75 to $125.

A full day goes from $150 to $225.

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