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Cold Weather Creates Bad Situation For Pets At Local Animal Shelter

Posted January 3, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— The cold weather is creating an uncomfortable situation for pets at a local animal shelter.

The Vance County shelter has a faulty heating system and little money to fix it. The temperature in the shelter is sometimes as cold as the temperature outside.

No dogs have died from the cold, but animal control officers say it is a bad situation.

"What hurts my feelings is that we have enough resources that we should have never had this problem in the beginning. We should always have adequate heat," says Mike Grissom, animal control officer.

A local heating and air conditioning man has agreed to donate a gas heating system, but it has not installed it yet.

The shelter actually received threatening phone calls from people who were angry that the shelter is going to be heated. They insist people should come first, not animals.