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Three People Arrested For Murder of Fayetteville Football Player

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FAYETTEVILLE — Almost two months ago, Sherman Holliday, a popular Douglas Byrd High School football player, was murdered. Police officers have finally nabbed the suspects.

Eric Robinson is a former classmate of Holliday. He, along with his cousin, Donnell Bratcher, and Jerome Thomas are all charged with the murder of Sherman Holliday.

Fayetteville police say they believe they know the motive for the crime.

"When they entered the house, that was their full intention to find drugs or money," says Sgt. James Todd of the Fayetteville Police Department.

The victim's brother, Dennis Holliday, and a family friend were considered suspects early on. They have been cleared, which is a huge relief to a grieving family.

"Deep in my heart, I didn't think he did nothing," says Vivian Holliday, the victim's mother.

Holliday's other brother cannot believe how the suspects can smile after what they have been accused of. Bryan Holliday says Eric Robinson even came to his brother's funeral.

"He's bad enough to did what he done, but on our day, I don't have no words for him," he says.

Lorrie Robinson has no words to describe how she is feeling. Her son and nephew are now behind bars. They are looking for her stepson, who is also wanted. All three lived with her.

She says she put her son in a charter school and took her nephew in to get them on the right path.

"If you raise them the best you know how, taught them what they know, I'm not making any excuses," she says.

Police are still trying to figure out if Holliday owed the suspects money, and if that is what led them to his house.