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Women Volunteering to Build House for Single Mother of Two

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RALEIGH — Some volunteers pitching in to fill the shortage of affordable housing in Raleigh are not your typical homebuilders. These construction crews are made up mostly of women.

They are participating in the construction of a Habitat for Humanity house, which is part of the First Ladies Build program, where governors' wives all over the country sponsor homes in capitol cities.

Carolyn Hunt, Gov. Jim Hunt's wife, kicked off the program in North Carolina in September, and female volunteers have been hard at work ever since.

In just a few weeks, Barbara Miles, a single mother with two sons will be able to call it home. Until now, she never thought she would own a house. She has worked side-by-side with volunteers every weekend for five months.

"Being a single mother, it's like you can only go so far, so moving into a new home is beyond what I even imagined I could do as a single mother," says Miles.

This project is not just important to Barbara. It also means a lot to the women who are donating their time to make Barbara's dream a reality.

"I always say that nobody will remember in 10 years what I've done at work, but a family will remember in 10 years that I helped build their home," says volunteer Jennifer Nourie.

"It gives you a feeling of pride and accomplishment, that you've done something to help someone else in the community," says volunteer Kaye Webb.

Miles says she will definitely remember their contribution. In a few weeks, she will move her family out of public housing, and into a house they can call their own.

"It's unbelievable. It hasn't hit me yet, 'cause every time it hits me I start crying, I'm very excited, I really am."