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Johnston County Couple Takes Wild Maternity Ride

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CLAYTON — A Johnston County couple's car became a delivery room on wheels Tuesday.

Stanley and Chareen Monk had just been sent home from the hospital because they were told she was in false labor. It turned out to be a true labor.

Stanley, Chareen and their two kids jumped in the car to meet the ambulance in Clayton, but they did not even make it out of the driveway.

"I told my husband, I said, 'He's here.' His head's out,' and he said, 'Well, push it back in,'" said Chareen Monk.

Stanley started driving and happened to reach over to his wife.

"I said, 'Oh, my God,' and I felt his hard head right between her," Stanley said. "When I pulled up to the meeting place downtown, half of his body was out basically."

Myles was born officially en route to the hospital with his brother and sister in the seat behind him.

"They heard him cry, and they said he's here and they started cheering," Chareen said.

They drove to a busy intersection with a newborn wrapped in Stanley's shirt.

"There were tons of people standing on the corner, and I'm standing there," Chareen said. "He doesn't have his shirt on, and I don't have my bottoms on."

The ambulance came and took them to the hospital.

"Once I had him in my hands and took him from her, I don't think I let him go from the time we had him in the back of the truck until the time we got him to the hospital," said Stefan Fehr of Clayton Area Rescue.

"We're just really lucky that we made it through, and that he's healthy and he's here," Chareen said.

Myles was released from the hospital Friday. The whole family is doing fine.


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