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Store Clerk Arrested In Connection With Lillington Police Officer Shooting

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LILLINGTON — Last February, a Lillington police officer almost died during an attempted robbery at a convenience store. Investigators now say it was an inside job, and the clerk who was on duty the night of the shooting is behind bars.

A shootout that shattered the doors shattered the life of off-duty Lillington police officer Cedric McLeod. He was shot five times as he tried to stop five men from robbing the store.

Police say there was a sixth person who helped plan the robbery, Selina McDonald, the clerk on duty that night and a friend of McLeod's.

"There's been rumors going around that she did have something to do with it," McLeod said. "I'm just very shocked about it. I could have lost my life in that store."

"I thought I was protecting her at the time of the incident and actually she's in on it," McLeod said. "It upsets me a lot."

Five suspects came into the convenience store the night of the shootout. Three have pleaded guilty to their charges, one has been convicted and one has yet to go to trial.

Investigators say when the three started pleading, they admitted the clerk was involved.

"When the subjects came in to commit the robbery, she would recognize them and submit willingly to the robbers, and make sure they were a safe distance away before she summoned the police," said Tim Hayworth of the Lillington Police Department.

Selina McDonald is now charged with attempted armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

McDonald is being held in the Harnett County jail with bond set at $250,000. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Saturday.

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