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Hundreds of Turkey Vultures Invade North Durham Neighborhood

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DURHAM — Some birdwatchers in Durham are watching birds they would rather not see. Hundreds of turkey vultures have invaded a northern Durham neighborhood, with more joining them every day. The new neighbors are definitely not welcome.

Gail Parker says it is not unusual to see turkey vultures swirling the skies over her backyard. But lately, hundreds have been roosting behind her house.

Hollywood and Disney have added to the mystique of vultures, but they are scavengers -- grim reapers of the air, hovering over death.

Some fear the vultures may swoop down on their pets.

Clay Eaton is concerned about the droppings. "Just the other night, Barney threw up. And sometimes they'll eat grass and run around this area. That's what bothers me is making the animals sick," he says.

Eaton says he will try shooting blanks from a shotgun to shoo them away. But irritating the birds may only cause the problem to move around the neighborhood.

If the noise does not work, residents say pets will be kept indoors.


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