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1 Dead, 1 Injured In Shooting Near Durham School

Posted January 4, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Parents picking up their children at a middle school in Durham Wednesday received a shock. They had to negotiate around a crime scene to get their children out of school.

Police say a robbery turned deadly outsideShepard Magnet School, near one of the school's playing fields.

Police taped up the crime scene and rerouted buses, while they reassured parents that their children were not in danger.

Linda Miller was about to pick up her daughter from Shepard Magnet School when she saw a car crashed into a tree near the athletic field.

"We ran down to see if anyone was in there, and we saw this body moving," Miller said. "I picked up my phone and dialed 911."

"The guy had blood on him," Miller said. "You couldn't tell whether he hit his head on the windshield or whether he had been shot. The guy in the back, he came to, but he passed back out."

The driver, Vondell Ellerbee, who would have turned 19 on Thursday, was alive but later died at the scene. Travis Cannady has been arrested and charged with Ellerbee's murder. Police are still looking for two other men who may have been involved. Witnesses heard gunshots and say they saw two men get out of the car and run away.

"We heard a 'boom, boom' like somebody had shot at them," said Richard Ashford, a witness. "A couple of the kids ran. One ran one way while another went another way through the park." -->