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Fayetteville Police Chief Asks Residents To Become More Involved In Helping Solve Crimes

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FAYETTEVILLE — Despite three murders in the new year, the Chief of Police says crime in Fayetteville is on the decline, but tolerance for crime is going up. He is begging residents to get involved.

Ronald Johnson says he does not report every suspicious thing he sees on the streets.

"Most times, if you say something, it's going to get back, and people are going to say 'Why didn't you say so and so,'" Johnson said.

Police Chief Ron Hansen says that is the problem.

"When we go into neighborhoods and ask for suspect information, we ought to get that help because we are part of the community," Hansen said. "It's a partnership."

Hansen says three murders in the last two days are perfect examples. Many citizens are not outraged about crime. They continue to tolerate it as a way of life.

Howard Surette lives near one of the murder scenes. He works with police and understands the Chief's concerns.

"That's bad, and it's true," Surette said. "The more you see something, the more desensitized you come to it."

Tammy McDuffie also lives in the area. She agrees everyone needs to have a higher sensitivity to crime.

"Maybe you can prevent something from happening tragically, and it might not be like that," McDuffie said.

Police do not believe the three murders are connected. They are still looking for suspects.

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