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Emergency Planning Can Prevent Tragedy During a House Fire

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GARNER — A fire in your home does not have to end in tragedy. To help you and your family survive, you need to have a plan and to practice it.

When you hear an alarm, first remember to avoid the smoke and get to the ground.

Then head for the door, but always feel it before you open it.

If the door is warm, do not open it. Climb out a window if you can; if you cannot, then lie on the floor below a window. Firefighters will be able to find you there.

If the door is not warm, open it just enough to see out, so you can see what you might be crawling into.

If the coast is clear, crawl to an outside door and go straight to a pre-arranged meeting place so everyone can be accounted for.

If you have someone living with you who cannot get out on their own, let the fire department know what room that person lives in. They will keep that information on file in case there is a fire.

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