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Fire Destroys Wake County Church

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WAKE COUNTY — On Wednesday, members of the Falls of Neuse Church of God lost their house of prayer to a fire. Services were cancelled, but the congregation did not let the tragedy shake their faith.

The fire at the Falls of Neuse Church of God was especially tough for volunteer John Whitley. It was his church, and he was scheduled to deliver the Wednesday night sermon.

"To see your own home, your own church burning up," Whitley said. "It's just devastating."

From the melted organ to the charred tapestry, the fire gutted the house of worship.

Although the exact cause of the fire has not been determined, the investigation centers around a heater in the back of the church which had been turned on shortly before the fire started.

"The only thing we are really worried about now is the church has no insurance on the building whatsoever," said Chris Wilson, Fire Chief. "Our first plan of action is to figure out how we can help the church get back on their feet."

Whitley says the fire is just a stumbling block in the road.

"Our hope and faith keep us going on," Whitley said. "Without it, we would just crawl in a hole."

"Tragedies happen everyday in everybody's life," Whitley said. "We'll just keep on."

Despite their loss, members of the Church of God still plan to hold services on Sunday. They will meet at the Falls Community Center right next to the fire station.