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Monster Truck Show Rolls Into Arena

Posted April 11, 2001 11:00 a.m. EDT

— Carolina Crusher and Blown Thunder are names familiar to the 30,000 people who are expected to attend two monster truck shows at the Entertainment and Sports Arena this weekend.

Why are they called monster trucks? They have 1,500 horsepower engines, and the tires stand 6 feet tall.

Monster truck drivers have to go through about a half-dozen tests before they are allowed to participate in the show.

One of the tests involves being blindfolded, so everything is like second nature.

"You actually have to do like three or four tasks at any given second, so you really have to stay coordinated, especially when you're flying through the air or road or bounce. You still have to have a center point where to focus," explains driver Doug Cole.

Safety workers also have the ability to stop the trucks in their tracks if things get out of hand.

The first monster truck show started Friday at 8 p.m.

The powerful engines and heavyweight tires are not just an eyeful but an earful as well.

The Crumleys know how loud monster truck events can get so they made sure their eight- and two-year-olds wore ear protection.

"I've lost some hearing in my ears so I wanted to think about them while they were young," said William Crumley, a monster truck fan.

Officials say ear protection would be highly recommended, especially for children.

"It's part of the flavor of the event," said Chris Rossenbach, Monsterjam spokesman. "I always like to say that it tickles all of the senses, including your hearing."

"Your seat shakes, and you obviously see it and smell it, so it's something for all of the senses," Rossenbach said.

Admission is $7 for children and $17 for adults. Showgoers can save $2 by purchasing an advance ticket for Saturday night's show.