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Coble, Fanjul Speak Out About Role of Raleigh Mayor

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RALEIGH — Tuesday's runoff election pits two city council members, Paul Coble and Stephanie Fanjul, against each other. Both candidates have their own ideas about Raleigh's future, and what role the mayor should play in shaping it.

According to aMason-Dixon polltaken over the weekend, Raleigh voters say managing growth and development, and taxes and government spending are top concerns.

"I want to continue working on priorities that are important to the city, whether it's crime, quality of water, the parks and recreation system," says Coble.

"Part of what the mayor needs to do for Raleigh is offer how much we can be, and I have been talking a lot during the campaign about how big the city can be," says Fanjul.

Coble and Fanjul have different visions for the mayor's office, and different ideas about how the capital city should grow in the next century.

"If you're not careful, and you try to slow growth, you may end growth, and you may cause an economic downturn," says Coble.

According to Fanjul, "I think we need to be thoughtful to address issues like transportation so we can do better on clean air."

Fanjul wants to extend the mayor's reach into public education, a responsibility Coble says belongs to the county.

"If you want to have a direct impact on education in this county, you need to run for county commission or school board," says Coble.

"The mayor helps the community remember how important schools are to economic development, and the quality of life," says Fanjul.

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Incumbent mayor J.L. Dawkins goes for his seventh term against postal worker Edna Pickett. Both candidates will share their visions of the future in Fayetteville.


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