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Video Aims to Reduce Bomb Threats in Schools

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FAYETTEVILLE — After the Columbine High school shootings, many schools in North Carolina experienced an increase in bomb threats. Officials hope a instructional new video will cut the number of false alarms. The new video will help school staff and teachers statewide know exactly how to handle bomb threats.

"It's easy for us to become complacent because of the number of threats, but we must treat every threat as if it were a loaded gun," said Tim Kinlaw, associate superintendent of Cumberland County schools.

The explosion in the number of threats prompted the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office and Fayetteville Technical Community College to make the video. Cumberland had 31 threats last year; Wake had more than 70.

"What I hope will come out of it is everyone will be prepared in the event this might happen in their school," said John Bane, who wrote and produced the video.

Every school in the state will receive the video as a guide. Law officers say it's another tool for keeping school children safe.

"There are certain procedures that, if schools, administrators and staff follow, it helps make our job easier and helps us gain an investigative lead in trying to catch the perpetrator," said Cumberland County sheriff's Lt. Jimmy Black.

Sheriff Moose Butler says he would like to start production soon of another video, this one on gangs.

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