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Cumberland County Hopes to Cut Bomb Threats with Video

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Cumberland County authorities hope the tape will reduce the number of threats by making people aware of the seriousness of the crime.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FAYETTEVILLE — Bomb threats are becoming way too common in public schools schools. Most of the time they are hoaxes, but they must be treated as real threats.

Today, the Cumberland County Sheriff's office released a new video for teachers and school staff. It outlines the policies that must be followed after each threat. By following those procedures, investigators say they will have a better chance of catching the person responsible for making the threat.

"It's a problem we are seeing more often now," said sheriff's Lt. Jimmy Black of the school violence task force. "We just want people to realize it's not a game and we'll take each one seriously and we are going to do everything possible to find out who's making the phone calls and prosecute each one to the fullest (extent)."

The tape has been adopted by North Carolina Professional Educators. They will provide a copy of the video to every school in the state.



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