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Furry Survivors to Get New Homes

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RALEIGH — Dozens of animals who were rescued from Floyd's flooding are ready to move into loving new homes. Monday is the first day they'll be available for adoption.

Dogs of all sizes, colors, breeds -- and non-breeds -- are ready to leave their cages and settle into new homes. More than 400 rescued pets were brought to a field hospital improvised near the N.C. Museum of Art after flooding separated them from their owners.

"Most of the amimals at the very least were very emaciated. Either they hadn't been eating at all or they had been eating trash or drinking the Tar River," said volunteeer Gianna Nino.

N.C. State University students and volunteers nursed the dogs and cats back to health over the past few weeks.

Some pets had happy reunions with their owners.

The others are being adopted out through local animal hospitals.

And that's why, come Monday, 150 cats and dogs still bunking at NCSU facilities will go up for adoption.

In some cases, the vets already know who the dogs belong to, but the owners just can't take care of them anymore.

Sassy, for example. The hound's owners were flooded out of their home in Tarboro, and they made the tough decision to let a new family adopt her.

Everyone working with the animals -- and petowners everywhere -- are sympathetic to the situation.

"I know that's been one of the hardest things to do, is to come identify your dog and tell it good-bye, because it is going to be such a long time before they can take care of these animals," acknowledged Kelli Ferris, the field hospital director.

Some people are already on waiting lists for the dog or cat they want. But most animals still need new homes, and they're waiting for someone to give them a second chance.

If you're interested in adopting a rescued pet, you can call the field hospital at715-9679. Pictures of the animals are available online, athttp://www.cvm.nscu.edu.

All of the rescued animals will be neutered or spayed before they are adopted.

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