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Wake County Candidates Take a Stand on Schools

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RALEIGH — Voters have a clear choice in the runoff races for theWake County School Board. The election offers two conservative candidates seeking to shake up the status quo in two different districts.

Where do the candidates stand?

On radio stationWPTFthe two candidates for North Raleigh's District 3 square off.

"The critical issues are just not brought forward. The options on construction costs, test scores, what they mean. I think a lot more sunshine on what goes on is what I know I can bring to the school board," says Carrington.

"Dedicating a lot of hours to understanding the systems, both at the central office level and the spending and budgeting level. I'm also in the schools bringing in businesses to support the education effort," says Oxholm.

A similar gulf exists between the Wake County School Board's only incumbent in the race, and a political newcomer.

"Tommy Williamson is going to be responsive to the needs of the people this district. He's going to be responsive to their phone calls. He's going to provide the change that people of this district demand," says Williamson.

"Leadership skills, leadership experience. I have a wealth of knowledge about the history of our school system. I have a passion for public education. And I'm available," says Stephens.

The voters can only pick two on Tuesday. Voters living in Districts 3 and 8 can vote in those Wake County school races.