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Cary Police Targeting Dangerous Intersections

Posted October 18, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The Cary Police Department is stepping up its traffic safety efforts at six heavily-traveled intersections.

Teams of motorcycle and patrol cars have been established and deployed at the busiest corners.

One motorist was pulled over near Cary Parkway and Kildaire Farm Road during the noon hour -- as Sky5 hovered overhead to report on the new initiative.

It is one of six intersections the police department's Traffic Safety Team says is dangerous after a month-long study.

The additional five intersections being monitored are Maynard and East Chatham streets, Maynard and Kildaire Farm roads, Kildaire Farm and Tryon roads, Maynard Road and Walnut Street, and Highway 64 and Edinburgh Drive.

Sometimes as many as ten officers position themselves around an intersection, without notice. Motorcycle officers chase the violators. Officers in squad cars usually take over and write the tickets.

It is a tough approach, but some motorists like it.

"I think if people are breaking the law in the way they're driving, then it's certainly OK for the police to stop them," says Cary resident Renee Hacker.

Although the officers are looking for any moving violations, they welcome the public's knowing about the special monitoring. Their hope is that the awareness will heighten drivers' care as they use the busy roadways.