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Easier Browsing; Nextel's New Phone; Cops Surf Web To Catch Criminals

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RALEIGH — WRAL looks at a simpler way to browse the web, a new cell phone and how police areusing the Web to investigate crimes.

Simpler Way To Browse The WebIf typing in complicated Internet addresses or Universal ResourceLocators(URLs) frustratesyou, there is a free softwareprogram called CommonName, which can help.

CommonName'sWebsitedemonstrates how the program works. Just type in a questionmark and the subject of your search, and the program calls up several search engines.

This is useful for those new to the Web and those who are simply tired of typingarcane things like "http", dot com and the "@" sign.

Nextel Offers New PhoneNextel now offers Motorola's newest java powered phone,thei85s. You can use it as eithera phone or a digital two-way radio service.

Nextel's packet data network offers "alwayson" service, and java developers offer thousands of applications to fit specific needs.

Customers will have the ability to download applications from the Internet directlyto their phone in much the same wayas the capability you have today with a personal digital assistant.

Police Use Video Technology To Pursue CriminalsApril Fools Day on the University of Maryland campus following the Terrapins lossto Duke in the NCAA tournament was a riot- literally. Fires and vandalism destroyed a lot of property.

The university police are using their Web site to identify the firebugs.Forty-fourpicturesare online, and digital photography makes it tough to beanonymous. Policesaid three arrests have been made as a result of the on-line snapshots.

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