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Cary Police Search for Lochmere Burglars

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CARY — Officers have a hot new lead on a 2-year-old case. Someone broke into numerous homes in Cary's Lochmere subdivision. Investigators have tracked down some of the missing loot and possibly, the people responsible for ripping it off.

Cary Police say they now know of two suspects who have been breaking into homes late at night for the past two years in Lochmere and surrounding neighborhoods.

"We never heard them. We just got up in the morning and noticed that our wallets were gone," said one woman.

She did not want to be identified, but she does not forget the night her home was broken into.

"They had the nerve to come in at night while we were here and enter in an inhabited house that was locked up," she explained.

"Somebody willing to go into a house where people are sleeping is pretty bold," said Lt. Steve Lee of the Cary Police Department.

Electronic lock picks, camouflage gear and portable scanners is in a stash of burglary tools Cary Police found in a stolen vehicle abandoned by 26-year-old James Mickey Peterson and 26-year-old Joe Colburn.

"It is not just a bunch of kids from down the block that seized the opportunity to slip into somebody's garage and steal some golf clubs. This is an organized criminal enterprise," said Lee.

Last week, police recovered stolen electronic equipment, golf clubs and even a motorcycle from a Raleigh home where one of the suspects had been living. The goods used to belong to homeowners in Lochmere and surrounding neighborhoods.

Even though police raided that home, the suspect was not there. The have not caught either of the suspects.

Police say the suspects like the beach and could be in the Wilmington or Myrtle Beach areas.

If you have any information, call226-CRIME.

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