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Drinking Water Report Cards Inform Public of Quality, Contaminants

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CARY — We count on our drinking water to be safe, and soon we will find out whether it is, as new consumer confidence reports are released.

The reports are a result of a new federal requirement that all drinking water systems make information on water quality available to the public annually.

The reports will contain information about any contaminants found in our drinking water during the previous year.

They will also contain information about the condition of the water supply and who customers can contact if they have questions about their water.

"We'll be sending this report out in early October," says Kim Fisher, director of Cary Public Works and Utilities.

"It lets all our customers know about the water quality that we have here in Cary," he says. "We want to make sure they understand that we have the highest quality water that we could possibly have."

Cary's report is several pages long and even explains where the town's water originates.

Some of the other drinking water systems that must file reports include water systems that serve mobile home parks.

Each water system has the freedom to design its own report, and some systems may not have the resources municipalities do to prepare a detailed presentation. As a result, many reports will probably be short and simple.

There is no word yet on how the reports will be distributed.


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