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Russian Students Get a Free Education to Promote Free Enterprise

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FAYETTEVILLE — Three Russian students have traveled halfway around the world just to go to school in Fayetteville. The students are getting a free education at Methodist College. In return, they have to take the American way of thinking back to their homeland.

"For most of the students, for most of the young people, it's a dream. It's really a dream to study in the United States," says student Jenya Sologub.

Sologub is one of three Russian citizens who are living that dream. They were chosen from a group of 50 applicants to get a full scholarship to earn business degrees atMethodist College.

"Everyone knows that in the USA you have the best education in the business field," says Sologub.

In return for the scholarship, the students have to return to Russia and help promote free enterprise and entrepreneurship.

"The knowledge that we get we have to apply back in Russia somehow," says student Natalya Yakovleva. "It doesn't matter whether you start your own business or teach people. We have to help Russia somehow."

The students already have lots of friends and they have fallen in love with campus life at Methodist.

"In this college I like the sense of community and the sense of family and the sense of security. I think you can't find that sense in any other colleges, well, in big colleges. This is a small Christian college and that's really good," says student Roman Trudnenko.

Although they already feel at home, the Russian students say they miss their families, friends and food.

"Here, especially in the cafeteria, they don't have any soups. So this is what I really miss the most," says Yakovleva.

"I really miss the Russian soups. Borscht, borscht," adds Sologub.

Methodist College administrators hope to eventually have 12 Russian students enrolled each year. They want the students to help transform their country's economy.

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