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Hazing, Sex Lead to Suspensions for 17 Enloe Students

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RALEIGH — Officials atEnloe High Schoolhave taken action against students accused of hazing and sex. In two separate incidents, students were suspended for misconduct.

In the first incident, six Enloe soccer players have been suspended for hazing fellow teammates.

Enloe High School's principal says the incident occurred on and off campus about two weeks ago.

Sources say six soccer players were forced by six other soccer players to publicly humiliate themselves on a street corner and were forced to eat an unsavory mix of leftover food as an "unauthorized" initiation.

"In the minds of the students, according to them, it was a rite of passage. But when it begins to impact student behavior and compromises the safety and welfare of any student, we're going to take it seriously," says principal Lloyd Gardner.

The six students each received an 8-to-10 day suspension.

In another incident, 11 students were suspended from Enloe after the principal discovered students having sex in a school locker room.

Ten male students admitted to consensual sex at different times with one female student. Sources say the girl initiated each contact.

All students were above statutory age and no money exchanged hands, so Raleigh Police were not called in to investigate.


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