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Fayetteville to Install 10 Cameras to Catch Red Light Runners

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FAYETTEVILLE — Red-light runners in Fayetteville beware. In just a few months, 10 of the area's busiest intersections will have cameras installed to catch offenders.

But, which intersections will have them? That is a decision being made now.

"I do believe that they do need cameras on the intersections because it keeps people accountable. Not only does it keep people accountable, but it keeps it safe," said motorist Rachel Facemire.

The Skibo and Morganton intersection is one of Fayetteville's busiest, and it will probably soon have a camera that will take a picture of red-light runners.

The Skibo and Morganton intersection is on a list of 30 from which only 10 will be picked. Most Fayetteville motorists can hardly wait for the cameras. They feel like the red-light runners have become more bold than ever.

"They're creeping up on an intersection that's full, and they'll think, 'Oh, one more car can make it. One more car can make it in,'" said Facemire.

City leaders and the company that will install the cameras are now deciding where the 10 will go, and a lot is going in to making that decision.

"It will be depending upon signal violation accident data and also traffic volume in that area and also depending upon the importance of that area. It may be commercially important like Cross Creek Mall," said Kumar Neppalli of Fayetteville traffic services.

The 10 intersections will be picked in the next 30 days.

If you are caught running a red light, you will get a $50 ticket in the mail a few days after the violation.

There will be an appeal process for drivers who think they are innocent.