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Two Raleigh Police Officers Injured in Halifax Court Shooting; Suspect Charged

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RALEIGH — The man police say is responsible for shooting two Raleigh police officers Wednesday night now faces 10 charges, including assault on an officer and drug possession.

William Quick, 23, made his first court appearance Thursday afternoon. He is being held on a bond of more than $500,000.

Two Raleigh police officers have been released fromWakeMedafter being treated for gunshot wounds received at a housing complex just north of downtown Wednesday night.

A city official says Officers R.L. Warner and R.B. Edmundson were both shot while responding to a complaint at the Halifax Court housing complex around 7 p.m. Police say four officers were conducting a drug bust when two suspects ran out the back door of an apartment. Quick came out shooting, hitting two officers, both in the arm.

A bulletproof vest may have saved one officer's life. "One of the rounds impacted into the vest," said Lt. Gerald Britt. "It could have created a lot more injury to one of the particular officers had he not had that vest on."

The suspects were captured about 15 minutes after the incident.

"Officers responding to a downed officer were able to locate them," said Lt. Ken Mathias of the Raleigh Police Department. "[It was] a concerted effort on a good part of the police department and also a Highway Patrol helicopter."

Quick has faced prior charges, including assault on a government official, felony possession of stolen goods, and possession of drugs.

Tyrone Gay has been charged with drug possession with intent to sell in this case. Officers say he did not shoot at police, and they say he is helping them with the investigation. He has been released on $600 bond.

Officials say they did not find a gun on either suspect, but they did find a gun in the area. They are trying to determine whether that gun was the one used in the shootings.

"At first I thought it was firecrackers, or something like that. Because I was amazed because it was somewhat -- it hadn't gotten completely dark. I saw one officer that appeared to be bleeding from the arm. It looked like one had a bulletproof vest on somewhere up here," said resident Eddie Pittman, pointing to his left shoulder. The officers were nearing the end of their 12-hour shift at a police substation in the Halifax Court housing complex.

Halifax Court used to be one of the city's worst crime areas. Since the substation was put in five years ago to help stop crime, 911 calls have been cut in half.

Raleigh's public housing director applauds the police department's community policing efforts, as do residents.

"Since they've been here, things have been quiet. We haven't had any violence like this in a long time," said resident Aaron Leach.

Not long enough for officers, though. "Something like this gives you goose bumps, when someone you work with gets shot," an officer said Wednesday night.

Family and friends arrived at the hospital soon after the officers were transported there. Both officers were treated and released Wednesday night.

Two years ago at another public housing complex just a few miles away, a Raleigh police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty.

In July of 1997,Detective Paul Haledied while trying to arrest a murder suspect at the Chavis Heights public housing complex east of downtown Raleigh.

Kawame Maysis in prison for shooting Hale in the head. It was the first time in 17 years a Raleigh police officer had been shot in the line of duty. Reporters: Lynda LovelandandLen BesthoffandJoe FriedaandJulie Moos