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New Rules Approved to Tame Duke Tent City

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DURHAM — This basketball season, Duke students will have to play by new rules when it comes to camping out for tickets.

Wednesday night, Duke's student government approved a plan to limit student camping in what has become known as "Krzyzewskiville."

The plan allows students to camp out for tickets to only two games this season.

The student leader who proposed the plan says in the past, the camping has gone on so long it has hurt students academically.

Some do not agree with the decision.

"I"m kinda mad. We have a really good team, still right now and it's been this way for the longest time. Everybody has had fun out here. It's cool being at K'ville and they shouldn't really cut it," says student James Daniels.

This year, Duke students will be allowed to camp out for the St. John's game and the UNC game.