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Violence Prompts Extra Security at Fayetteville H.S. Football Game

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FAYETTEVILLE — Officials at one Fayetteville high school beefed up security for Friday night's football game in order to curb violence. Last week during a home game atDouglas Byrd High School, a student was knocked unconscious with a brick and the butt of a gun.

"There were so many fights, lots of people got hurt. I think, like 22 people were arrested and only two of them were from Byrd," explains student Kamesah McKinnon.

Extra deputies were on hand to make sure Friday night was not a repeat of last week.

Anyone wearing a bandana was not allowed into the stadium. Fayetteville resident Robert Robinson was turned away from the game for wearing one.

"I understand the whole gang thing. But I don't think it's right. I'm not a member of a gang. It's just part of what I was wearing," says Robinson.

Parents at last week's game witnessed some of the fights and say the scene was very upsetting.

"I don't like it at all. This is supposed to be a family-type thing. And we've all heard the rumors," says concerned parent Sharon Robbins.

Douglas Byrd students have heard the rumors about gangs in and around school, but they say it is nothing but rumors.

"I don't think there's any gangs here at Byrd," says McKinnon. "If there are, they don't talk about it very much. Mostly it's just people in different clicks, stuff like that."

Police report there was no trouble at Friday night's game.

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