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Warehouses Full With Donations; Volunteers and Money Now Needed

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RALEIGH — The generosity during the recovery from Hurricane Floyd is overwhelming. Truckloads and carloads of supplies have been pouring in to help flood victims. Warehouses are overflowing with the donations, but there is still a need.

"We see it as a problem now, but in the long-term recovery process, we don't foresee it as a problem," says Burt Prevo, logistics coordinator for N.C. Emergency Management.

Prevo is talking about one of four warehouses full of disaster relief supplies. Combined, the warehouses are the size 67 football fields.

Some people have been turned down when delivering supplies at several warehouses because they are too full.

"We just got caught in the kind of mix up. But it's fine too because we know it's going to get out eventually and that's the key," says Jim Hill, of Resort Area Ministries.

Prevo says he has never this such an outpouring of support, not even after Hurricane Fran.

"In five years with emergency management, I've never seen this kind of over-run of resources. At this time, I dare say, that they will be used," says Prevo.

Prevo says supplies are plentiful. What is really needed now is cash and volunteers.

State officials say monetary donations offer the greatest flexibility. They are easily transferred to where they are needed most and can be used to stimulate the local economy.

Just because the effort now turns to collecting money, the warehouses will not be ignored.

"We've got to support everyone, every citizen in this state who has a need. We will not shut it down until every need is met that we can meet," he says.

If you would like to donate money, call1-888-786-7601.

If you would like to volunteer your time, call1-252-972-2007. Reporter: Lynda Loveland