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Flood Victims West of I-95 Say They Have Been Forgotten

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ZEBULON — We have all seen the pictures of homes destroyed by flooding down east. What we have not seen much of is damage west of I-95. Now, many of those residents are feeling ignored.

The Little River near Zebulon is still high from recent rains, but right after Floyd roared through, the Little River was roaring.

Riverview Drive is a Zebulon address that has a whole new meaning after Hurricane Floyd.

"When the storm came through it was a mighty roaring sea," says resident Randy Streich.

Within hours, four homes were filled with the dark, murky waters of the Little River.

The water is gone, but Julia Green's floors are covered in mud, her walls are growing mold, and her piano will probably never play again.

"I don't have a home anymore. I'm really homeless," says Green.

This tragedy hurts more, she says, when you are forgotten.

"I realize and have empathy with the people down east, but nobody seems to know there is pain in this area. There's a lot of pain," she says.

Next door, Randy Streich is feeling the same pain.

"It's hard to find assistance in Wake County. Every time you call to get information everything is referenced to Tarboro or somewhere east of us," he says.

Instead of spending his time cleaning out his gutted home, Streich has been spending the past few days driving back and forth from Rocky Mount and Wilson looking for help.

"Drives have been ridiculous because you have to drive so many miles to get anything done," he says.

This is the second time Mother Nature has devastated Streich's home. Three years ago, his house was flooded with several feet of water after Fran went through. He rebuilt his home, but this time he says he will move.

Flood victims in this area can get assistance through the Red Cross, located at Peartree Lane in Raleigh.


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