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Rain Brings More Flooding to Eastern North Carolina

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GOLDSBORO — Just as the flood waters were starting to recede in many parts of Wayne County, this week's rain arrived and brought more.

In the Wayne County community of Seven Springs, 90 percent of the homes have been flooded since Floyd.

The nearby Neuse River was already above flood stage before the recent rains. The Neuse is now expected to rise to 11 feet above flood stage Friday.

Eighty percent of theroads in Goldsboro were closed Tuesday.

In the northern part of the county, a dam broke in the Saulston community, sending the Wildlife Lake into dozens of backyards.

The water came within feet of nearby homes that survived the first round of flooding.

Water is rushing over the emergency spillway at the Lake Wackena dam. Downstream, the temporary dam erected last week to prevent damage like Floyd caused, is history.

About 80 homes were isolated in the area were isolated as a result of the flooding.

"It's hard to get to work when this keeps happening. The thing we are concerned with is what would happen if someone had a medical emergency," said isolated resident Bill Watson.

"We were talking to someone last week, and they said 'Well, this won't happen again for another 500 years.' Now, 12 days later, here it comes again," said flood victim Earl Barefoot.

Residents on the other side of the dam were watching and waiting, knowing their luck may be about to run out.

"Unfortunately, we're seeing a few little cracks in the ground over here. Hopefully, it'll hold," one resident said.

Meanwhile, other Goldsboro residents are faced with flooded streets and homes that are about to go under for the second time in as many weeks.

For some people, that is just too much. "It stresses me out to where I'm almost ready to leave, go back to somewhere else, go back to Las Vegas," said Goldsboro resident Joseph Phillips. "This stuff doesn't happen in the desert."

The homes that were flooding near the broken dam were already evacuated because those families were flooded out during Floyd.

Some of those residents were spared losses, though, that this round of flooding may have claimed.

The National Guard has evacuated some families from their homes and rescued 10 people from cars.

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