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Getting Back to Business Easier Said Than Done

Posted September 26, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Floyd's flooding is all but gone in Tarboro, but getting back to business is easier said than done.

A few more raindrops cannot hurt the furniture stacked on Tarboro's Main Street. Front doors are open along the street, but no one is inside.

The shoe store is back in business with boots in the front window.

"Everything was floating. Watches. Jewelry," said Rex Browning.

When flood waters rushed into Browning's jewelry store, time stopped. The water seeped into every crack and crevice.

Family treasures were ruined, and the family business that Browning had treasured for 42 years was all but gone.

"Did I ever think about starting all over again? No. I was hoping not. We never gave it a thought. Who would?" said Browning.

James Newton is also starting over. Inside his Tarboro home, the white tiles are plastered with mud, the carpet is soaked and the smell is terrible.

"Do you smell it? It smells like animals," said Newton.

Newton says he is going to leave the house just as it is so that when government inspectors come in, they can see just how bad it really is.