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Federal Government Promising More Money to Help Floyd Victims

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NASH COUNTY — After looking at the devastation, families are finding out they need all the help they can get.

On Saturday, the government opened up a disaster recovery center for flood victims who have lost everything to come meet with representatives of theFederal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA workers are working to help people assess the damage and fill out the paper work so they can get the help they need.

"You've got a person with an ear who is providing all of the assistance they need, making recommendations and suggestions, if needed," says FEMA spokesman James McIntyre.

After seeing that the federal government has a smiling face, Vernelle Whitehead has hope.

"They gave me the assurance that they were going to be supportive in helping us fix our house and repair damages," says Whitehead. "I feel better."

FEMA officials say they hope to get money and help into the hands of all victims who apply for aid within about 15 days.

So far they have already written 940 checks totalling more than $1 million to help people rebuild their homes.

Almost 16,000 North Carolinians have applied for federal assistance since Hurricane Floyd hit.

FEMA expects many thousands more to call for help. Officials ask that anyone wanting to file for federal assistace register between 7 a.m. to midnight seven days a week at(800)-462-9029to help save time.


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